WeChat – Not a choice but a necessity

In China, there is no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter and no Google. Navigating through China’s increasingly sophisticated social media landscape and grabbing the attention of target audience might seem to be a daunting task. It does not help that almost all the major social media platforms are continuously adding new features.

What if there was one channel where virtually everyone is present? What if this channel was integrated to all aspects of life making it unnecessary to switch to any other platform? In fact, there is such an app – WeChat.

This all-in-one super app is the largest social media platform in China with over 1.2 billion users in the third quarter of 2020, according to China Internet Watch (the population in China was 1,4 billion in 2019). What this means is regardless of which business you are in, you can almost certainly find your Chinese target customers on WeChat. By focusing marketing resources to WeChat, one can utilize them more effectively and to reach optimal results.


The super app WeChat

For many Chinese, their entire day is spent within WeChat. It is used to stay in touch with friends, family and managing their social circles. It is also used to get information and news, shopping, booking flights and hotels, order a taxi, pay for utilities, manage investments and donate to charity, as well as play, choosing between myriad of games and other entertainment options.

Besides personal use, according to South China Morning Post, 90% of Chinese professionals choose WeChat for workplace communication – email never really took off in China.

One indicator of how ubiquitous WeChat is in China, is that it accounted for 34% of all data traffic in China already in 2018 (WalktheChat).

For people living in China, WeChat is able to fill all their needs!


WeChat is the Internet of China

WeChat is so ingrained in both business and personal lives that this app has been described as a basic national infrastructure rather than just a mere social media platform. To many, there is little difference between the Internet and WeChat.

For anyone hoping to take advantage of the growing opportunities in China, being present on WeChat is no longer a choice, but a simple necessity. Every business operating in China or plan to set a foot in this market should invest in a homepage on WeChat, the WeChat Official Account.

Many foreign companies, including many Finnish companies and organizations, have recognized this fact and choose to put more effort in building an Official Account on WeChat, instead of investing in traditional company webpage.

The goal of WeChat is to address every aspect of its users’ lives: Communication, Connection, and Commerce. And that goal has long been achieved successfully.

Official Account on WeChat

WeChat Official Account is a marketing platform, which companies can use to gather followers, send out push notifications and communicate with the target audience. It is also used to provide prompt customer services and managing customer relations, building brand images and redirect them to e-commerce.

Instead of having a website homepage, WeChat Official Account is then the primary access point for users to get the first-hand authentic information on a company and its offerings. It is often the first point of contact for a customer and this is where the critical first impressions are made. When done correctly, it is an important step in gaining the trust of the customers – the basis for any future business.

How to get started with WeChat?

Prior to registering an account, it is highly advisable to conduct some basic research that could help you identify your target audience and select the right type of Official Account – as well as to benchmark your competitors.

Registering an Official Account is quite straightforward, when you have the required business licence and documents ready.

Bear in mind that not every business needs to invest heavily in this platform, and with a well-planned strategy, WeChat marketing can be quite effective with modest budget.

Once your WeChat Official Account is established, there are plenty of functions and marketing tools to choose.

Looking for hands-on support or consulting in WeChat related issues? Look no further!

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