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Communication training and continuous learning

Information sharing and continuous development of communications. That is what the Tulus Academy is all about. It offers versatile communication training, both for customers and in-house.

Does your team need to sharpen its media communications skills or find a more efficient way of using Teams? Whether we are talking about a specific area of communication, a communications channel, a publishing system or a tool, Tulus Academy offers training that fits your organisation’s needs and supports your business.

Who needs to update their communication skills?

The target group of a training could be, for example, a communications team, a management team, production, sales or human resources. Our communication training sessions are tailored for either a large or a small group, as concise one-off trainings or as larger entities.

The training format could be a short briefing, a lecture, a workshop or a series of webinars. The courses are held either online via the Teams application, at the customer’s premises or at the Tulus office. Tulus’ training sessions are held in fluent Finnish, English, or Chinese.

We also provide info flashes on current, relevant communication topics.

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Tulus Academy communication training

The Tulus Academy’s first lessons consisted of a few minutes’ long matinees, for internal information sharing among the Tulus staff.

Since the internal training proved successful and popular, we started to offer the Academy’s lessons to our customers too. Since the Tulus Academy was founded in 2019, we have organised many external training and info sessions. Here is a list of some of them.


  • Take better photos with your phone – the basics of mobile photography
  • How to create impactful social media posts, analytics and the basics of paid advertising
  • Impactful communication & content production / Tampere Adult Education Centre and the Federation of Pirkanmaa region Enterprises, Specialist Qualification in Management
  • Insta posts day after day! / Training for BNI business network companies
  • The home of good texts – writers’ training / OP Koti Pirkanmaa
  • Company tone of voice workshop / Veho
  • Take control of Teams, work smoothly from home / open, free training in cooperation with Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Teams as a tool for supporting teams and management teamwork (various sessions for different target groups)
  • LinkedIn / personal sparring and management team training
  • Sales email best practices
  • Writing tips for key people in external communication

Tulus Academy info flashes

  • Brilliant recruitment communication
  • What’s new in SoMe: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Internal communication & hybrid working
  • Interaction in Teams
  • LinkedIn for your target group
  • How to get your story through to the media
  • WeChat – a Chinese super app
  • Create a better visual Insta appearance
Tulus Academy

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The Tulus Academy provides training in communication and marketing and the best tools, channels, and practices in the industry. We tailor the training to meet your needs. Choose a theme from the examples or tell us about your training needs in the open field.