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Tulus is a superb choice

  • We understand your business – we commit to your goals.
  • We focus on efficient working practices and smooth processes.
  • We will take care of the schedules with you.
  • We take responsibility for the success of projects.
  • We support you in the middle of great changes.
  • We feed you new ideas and help find creative solutions.
  • English is a familiar working language for all of us but we also provide serves in Chinese, Swedish and Danish.

The way we work

  • A designated account manager to whom you can alway turn to.
  • Direct contact to people who is working on your project. No interjections or recycling of comments.
  • Tulus has a diverse team to support you. Extensive in-house expertise makes it agile.
  • Clear pricing to suit the situation and the project: by contract, by hourly or daily rates.
  • Clear reporting on time spent is available, which you can use to support planning and budgeting.

Wondering about communication? Contact us and let's figure it out together!

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