Content production

Content creation – 101 STORIES!

Whatever your business needs, Tulus’ communication professionals are here to help! From strategic content planning to precise and agile implementation.

Who wants to publish impact-less content that no one notices? We help you maintain a strategic grip on content production and work with you to define content objectives, target audiences and the publishing channels that serve you the best. Monitoring and reporting on message delivery is part of our service.

Tulus has a strong track record and years of experience in areas such as sustainability communications and multi-channel recruitment and HR communications. Whether it’s forestry, construction, ICT, welding, maritime, heavy industry, health or welfare, the vocabulary and the industry trends are already familiar.

We are also happy to take over your industry-specific vocabulary, in several languages, including, for example, English, Chinese or Danish.

My Tulus – Outsource your writing!

Outsource your content production to us. We’ll help you to produce social media content, intranet stories or team presentations, and you can have more time to focus on strategic planning and key projects.

Tulus-academy - keeping your skills up to date

If you need to upgrade your team’s skills in areas such as communication planning, creating and using an annual colock, or developing and using your company’s tone of voice, don’t hesitate to contact the Tulus Academy.

Tulus-radar – Insights from data

Tulus-radar grab a hold of your data. The service turns communication and marketing analytics into actionable guidance and insights that drive your day-to-day communication and marketing activities.

Content strategies and
content designs

We know: communication work is often like putting out fires. But fires are easier to put out with a partner who supports your planning, helps you prioritise, reminds you of deadlines and sticks to mutually agreed goals.

When involving Tulus in the strategy and planning phase, you are sure to have a strong partner for communication throughout the season.

Let’s developing your strategy, design effective communication actions and complement it with channel-specific core messages and targeted campaigns.
Together we can do better, and more!

Annual reports and
sustainability reports

Tulus’ content creators are used to working with a sense of purpose on large-scale projects, balancing challenging schedules, dozens of expert interviews, comment rounds, language versions and parallel visual content design.

Let Tulus help you plan and compile your annual report and produce, for example, your sustainability reports.

We also take care of the coordination, i.e. finding and instructing the workers, keeping to the schedule and ensuring the quality of the end result.

Articles, blog posts and press releases

A press release? A message for the intranet? Content for a newsletter? Ghostwriting? Thirty case stories for your annual report?

Let Tulus help you with the content production and make your everyday life easier. We write in Finnish, English, Chinese and Danish and master different styles and tones.

Demanding content and language versions? No problem!

We specialise in demanding articles that delve into issues such as technology or business and economics.

We also have years of experience handling demanding language versioning projects on time, as well as proofreading and editing existing material.

Media communication

Several Tulus employees are former journalists. We know what makes a reporter pick up the phone and a photographer recharge their camera batteries for an intense story trip.

Social media

On social media, you only have a few seconds to stop someone from scrolling and attract a click. Creative language and channels-specific engaging visuals will help.

Search engine optimisation

Do you want to make sure that the content on your website is up to date and understandable for search engines? Let’s improve your website together!

Want to be content with your content? Contact us, and we’ll put things right!

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