Quite a few of the people working at Tulus have a journalistic background. We know what makes a reporter pick up the phone and a photographer recharge her camera batteries for an intense story trip.

Impactful media communication is not a headline game. Instead, it is based on the company’s vision, strategy and brand, as well as a good relationships with relevant journalists, built over the years. Journalists also appreciate carefully assembled background material and fresh perspectives on both familiar stories and broader trends.

To be successful, media communication requires a broad understanding of the media landscape. Visibility on mainstream national media is not the only measure of success, sometimes focusing on a particular industry magasine can give the best impact.

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Media communication Tulus style – this is what we do

  • Regional, national and international press releases and distribution
  • Contacting journalists
  • Extensive use of the media: specialised media, online media, newsletters
  • Utilising stories published in the media on social media
  • Media communication plans

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Liisa Oksanen


Communications Specialist
+358 50 579 3204

Johanna Lassy-Mäntyvaara


Lead communications specialist
+358 40 584 9569

Liisa Oksanen


CEO & Communications Specialist
+358 50 579 3205

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