Sara Steensig: a multilingual storyteller with a journalist background

With more than 15 years of experience in journalism and communication, our new recruit Sara Steensig is looking forward to catapulting our clients’ messages out to their audiences.

Sara was born in Iceland but has lived in Denmark most of her life. 13 years ago, she moved to Finland and fell in love with a tamperelainen, and she has lived here ever since.

Since graduating from the Danish School of Journalism in 2007, she has written for both local Danish papers and international media and for stakeholders from near and afar: EU politicians, Danish farmers, Chinese media authorities and Finnish educational institutions, to name a few.

During her career, she has covered almost any topic, from culture over politics and business to health and society.

No matter what Sara produces and for whom, storytelling is at the core of her work.

“Meeting people and telling their story. That’s what lights my fire,” says Sara.

Her ability to understand the clients’ communication needs is among her main assets in her new role as a content strategist at Tulus.

“While respecting the values and wishes of the client, I make sure that the stories I create are worth reading for the target audience,” says Sara, promising that in her, our clients will get an ever-curious, open and down-to-earth communication partner.

Multilingual talent brings “hygge” to Tulus

In addition to English and her mother tongues, Danish and Icelandic, Sara speaks Finnish fluently and communicates well with Swedish and Norwegian speakers.

Sara has for the last two years worked as a freelance interpreter, translator and language teacher, while also writing articles for different English language publications. Her main task at Tulus will be to write texts in English. However, as our client base grows, we hope that she can use all of her language skills and her broad, international network for the good of our clients.

When she is not telling stories at work, Sara plays with her three kids, tries to make things grow in her little allotment in Tahmela or plays guitar in a hobby band.

Sara loves to bake and has promised to serve up some real Danish hygge at the office.

Sara’s best tips to create Danish coziness, known as hygge:

  • Rule number one: Have something tasty (and not too healthy) to eat and drink. Hint: Something with sugar, butter, caffeine or alcohol is often found in connection wih Danish hygge.


  • Surround yourself with people that make you laugh, relax and feel comfortable.


  • If the hygge-feeling still hasn’t arrived, then light a candle or wrap up in a blanket. Works wonders every time!